Service terms

We have set some rules that we consider honest and having lots of common sense. We live and work according to these rules and we suggest you should try them yourself because you are sure to like them:)


We set our prices in rubles. These prices are fixed for major part of the assortment and they stay the same for a significant period of time. The up-to-date prices are always available on our website. However, to have a look at the pricelist, you will have to sign in.

Minimum order value

This concept does not exist on our website. We are ready to take one single set of lingerie or a container out of stock for you, however, in this case the prices and the other terms are likely to differ.


It is not a client we look for: we look for partners. We look forward to a long-term cooperation, beneficial for both parts. Thus, the discount system we use is totally clear and transparent:

  • For purchasing value exceeding 50 000 rubles a month, we offer a 5% discount for the following month.
  • For purchasing value exceeding 100 000 rubles a month, we offer a 10% discount for the following month.


For orders with value exceeding 10.000 we guarantee free delivery across Moscow inside the Moscow Ring Road including the delivery to a transport company. Delivery to other cities of Russia can be carried out by any transport company that is entirely up to you.


We accept returns and refunds of the goods you haven't liked for any reason, without review or questions asked. For whatever reason: a defective item or damage during transportation. We are ready to replace the item for a new one as long as your business is growing and developing and so are we, alongside:)

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