The best WHOLESALE company

«A deal cannot be a success unless the client benefits from it».
Herbert Marcuse. Founder of the retail empire Neiman-Marcus.

Currently, the market of intimate goods and lingerie is a money flow. It would be wise to enter it and catch the required quantity of banknotes. Come on, join us! Our task is to provide you with delicious product range and amazing cooperation terms. To make your work absolutely thrilling, we can offer the most comfortable terms for your business. All you need to do is work with pleasure, be involved and raise money.

Advantages of the company "Supplier of Happiness":

  • Goods are booked on the day of order making;
  • Goods are shipped within 1 working day;
  • Return and exchange are both available;
  • We are based in central Moscow, close by the metro station Avtozavodskaya (the warehouse is right here too);
  • On-line access to remaining goods stock;
  • Deferral, discounts, special offers;
  • We work with physical persons and sole traders;
  • Our product range is sustainably wide;
  • and regularly renewed.

Naturally, to get the details of cooperation, you can contact us and discuss individual terms

By the way, you can either buy "a lot at once" or "not as much but often" - this is also considered a wholesale purchase, under related terms and profitability!

In order to save your time and that of ours, we have drafted a special form for the new partner to sign up. Filling in the form carefully, you will help us to offer you the most advantageous terms of partnership right away. Please, find the form below. It will only take 1 minute to fill it in.

Your profitability is guaranteed!

We ensure a really profitable business for you. You buy an item from us. Then you sell it. You make your money. Lots of money. If, for any reason, you failed to sell it and the item remained with you, we are ready to make the impossible among other distributors: we will take it back. And we can either give your money back or replace the item with another one-as you wish.

Result: the risk is of 0%, the profit is 100% guaranteed

5 easy steps to benefit from cooperation with our company:

  1. Express your wish to cooperate with us, discuss the individual terms depending on your business profile.
  2. Place an order on our website or inform us of its composition, choose any convenient way to contact us.
  3. Pay the bill in a bank or in our office at the moment of goods receiving.
  4. Get the goods through a transport company of your city.
  5. Sell the item and get refund with profit! Don’t forget to place a new order! And during the selling process, take a holiday:)

Start raising money with us, using our advantages: the client-friendly service, unique cooperation terms and excellent product range of tested goods! Contact us right now!